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PGT, or Porn GIF Tuesday as it is known to the players, is a major motivational tool for the Goffs in a game week. Originating in our debut 2017/18 season on a Wednesday, GC2 sent the first motivational GIF ahead of what is now known colloquially as the 'Greatest Day in Goff History', when the Goffs defeated 3 Short in the Semi Final. This was followed up the following week by GC1 ahead of the Grand Final with the '4 Elements' GIF, changing to a Tuesday after the nation's leading sport psychologists suggested that 48 hours, rather than 24, was a better lead in time. The Goffs won that Final in a stunning display against the Cougars, and the rest is history - Porn GIF Tuesday was here to stay.

At the April 2022 Goff Executive Meeting, it was unanimously passed to honor all that Porn GIFs have done for the Goffs by creating their own annual award as voted by the players - Porn GIF of the Year. Voting is open to all Goff Caps who played during the preceding season, and can be accessed at the following link . View the nominees below:

Double Anal

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